Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wind Chimes Ring in a Message of Love

I was sitting on the end of the couch at Mom's when all of a sudden I heard a beautiful sound.  It was the wind chimes hanging on the corner of the porch.  They were given to mom when my Dad passed away now more than four years ago (hard to believe).  After some strong winds a couple of winters ago tore them apart another friend lovingly took and restrung them.

The chimes always remind me of Dad because of when they were given and where they hang - on the front porch.  Dad could sit out there for hours and watch the squirrels, the traffic or play with the dog.

The chimes provide such a beautiful sound as the wind blows.  You know...God works in so many intricate ways and interweaves them perfectly.  His love moved friends to give the chimes and another friend to restring them. He then sends the wind to move them to create the music.  How often do I slow the pace of my life enough to take time to listen, to notice and appreciate how God works?

God's gentle breezes stirs the chimes just as His love stirs my heart - just as His love moved the hearts of others months and years before this day that provide the music of today.  I'm confident He'll continue to send the breeze and not just that chimes might ring out a lovely melody.  If we listen carefully we'll hear His reminders all around us of Him ringing out his timeless message of how He loves us so!

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  1. Thank you Cathy, and as I sit here in my chair every day I can see the chimes out the window, sometimes they are still and sometimes swaying in the breeze and I think of all the peaceful moments Bill had sitting out there just enjoying the view. I am thankful that our friend was able to restring them so they could make joyful sounds again.