Thursday, January 15, 2015

Safe In His Arms!


Reminded in a BIG way of how gracious God is, how He protects and provides!  Today while driving west on I74 with my mom and baby Sekoe the low tire pressure light came on!  We get off at the next exit in Greensburg and head to WalMart.  The man starts to put air in the tires when I hear him say, "Here's the low one!"  I asked him if he thought it was just low because of the cold temperatures.  He said, "No, not at 10 pounds."  Looking all around the tire he finally says, "Here's the reason.  It has a SCREW in it!"  

I explained that I had a baby in the van and was on my way to Indianapolis to pick up his daddy and head to the airport.  He asked what time was the flight and I told him 4:45. He said I don't think we can make that!!!  He said there were customers in front of us and it was a first come, first serve.  Brave mom speaks up and says, "Couldn't you make an exception this one time?"  "No ma'am.  I really can't."  I whispered to myself, "Ok.  God, you've got this one!"  Next thing I know the man is returning to the vehicle and telling us that he has bumped us to the front of the line!

30 minutes later our tire was plugged, I'd paid them $10 and we were back on the interstate.  We were able to meet Sekoe at the airport, check bags and get our good bye hugs before they headed through security onto their gate.

I am so very, very THANKFUL!  I'm thankful that the tire did not blow out while we were driving.  I'm thankful that we didn't have a flat tire and get stranded on the interstate.  I'm thankful that Mom saw WalMart and suggested we go there.  I'm thankful that the man was willing to bump us to the front of the line.  I'm thankful it was just a screw and the man was able to plug it.  I'm thankful Robert was able to drive Sekoe to the airport and meet us there. I'm thankful God protected us from danger and provided a way to have the tire fixed.  I'm thankful for how God continually reminds me of His faithfulness and that HE will provide.  

Sunday we sang this song below in church.  

God is a good God, 

He is a great God, 

He can do anything but fail, 
He can move every mountain, 
Out of the way, 
God is a wonderful God.

Today (once again) I lived it.

As I close this blog post I have one more, "I'm thankful..."  I'm so very thankful that Shanae just texted, "They're with me safe!"  

Safe!!  Today's journey has been adventure-filled!  Sekoe was so glad to have Sekoe Jr. back safely in his arms.  It's not just an earthly father, but our Heavenly Father who longs to gather us up in His arms to remind us it is with Him we can be eternally safe!  

Joy is being able to REST in an Almighty God's arms and know you're SAFE.  There is truly joy in the journey!

Saturday, January 3, 2015


When I was a little girl we had "a path" that started at the back of our yard and led into "the woods." My sister and I often followed it down a grade of the hill and to another path that we took down the steeper part of the hill to the creek.  If you followed the creek down to a dead end you could go left and go to a place we had named, Clay Town.  If you turned to the right you could venture up to a tree that hung out over the creek which we had named, Look Out Point. We could pack our lunch and stay for hours back there.  When our cousins would come from "the city" (Cincinnati) we would head into "the woods" to see what excitement awaited. It was always an adventure.  

I remember one particular time when my cousin Kame and I went on a MAJOR adventure through the woods determined we didn't need to follow all of the known paths that would lead back home or to Papa and Grandma's.  We walked and walked and walked.  Now I don't recall being scared or panicked. We probably thought together we could conquer the world.  We did finally emerge from the woods but it was not anywhere near home.  It was at the end of a road I only knew because my school bus picked up kids there.  We kept trudging along now down the known road but we were tired hikers!  Once we arrived at the main road we'd decided we'd had enough walking and walked right across the road to George & Billie Carr's house.  We told them our story and after a drink of water George told us to hop in his truck and he took us to Papa's.  

The important part was that together we made it out of the woods and we made it home.  Traveling paths, be they familiar or new, can mean we embark upon an unplanned journey.  The joy may be found in our sojourners as mine was that day or an assurance that eventually you will arrive home - as we did.

It'll be 35 years this year that Kame's path led her to her heavenly home.  This time she arrived before me and most of her family.  The joy along our journey is knowing that we will have eternity together - where I hear the paths are made of gold!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Pajama Days

I remember as a teacher - and even as a student - special days at school when students could wear their pajamas to school.  These days could have been during Spirit Week or for a special reading day.  I loved those days whether as a teacher or a student.  Pajamas have changed a lot since I was in school dare I say more than 30 or even 40 years ago.  One thing that has not changed though is that pajamas are made to be comfortable.  I believe I could stay in my pajamas for a long time - even ALL DAY.  One of the greatest gifts of this season is time to rest, relax and stay home.  Those are the perfect days, in my humble opinion, to declare a Pajama Day!!  Now, I'm not going to tell you how many days during this vacation I've declared such.  But, I will say this I've been very, very comfortable many days of this vacation.  

Pajama Day for me isn't so much about being comfortable as it about the idea of a day to rest and relax.  I can spend as much time on whatever I choose.  Choosing well may be a challenge - but I get to choose.  

Finding joy along one's journey is another choice we all have.  Sometimes it's as simple as realizing the blessings that come from PAJAMA DAYS!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wind Chimes Ring in a Message of Love

I was sitting on the end of the couch at Mom's when all of a sudden I heard a beautiful sound.  It was the wind chimes hanging on the corner of the porch.  They were given to mom when my Dad passed away now more than four years ago (hard to believe).  After some strong winds a couple of winters ago tore them apart another friend lovingly took and restrung them.

The chimes always remind me of Dad because of when they were given and where they hang - on the front porch.  Dad could sit out there for hours and watch the squirrels, the traffic or play with the dog.

The chimes provide such a beautiful sound as the wind blows.  You know...God works in so many intricate ways and interweaves them perfectly.  His love moved friends to give the chimes and another friend to restring them. He then sends the wind to move them to create the music.  How often do I slow the pace of my life enough to take time to listen, to notice and appreciate how God works?

God's gentle breezes stirs the chimes just as His love stirs my heart - just as His love moved the hearts of others months and years before this day that provide the music of today.  I'm confident He'll continue to send the breeze and not just that chimes might ring out a lovely melody.  If we listen carefully we'll hear His reminders all around us of Him ringing out his timeless message of how He loves us so!